About Us

Basically we are positive and above all dissatisfied contemporaries. Dissatisfied in the sense that we’ve had enough of so-called trends without an attitude towards life, without substance and background, with the sell-by date no longer than the lifespan of a house fly. Dissatisfied with the faceless mush rolling through our inner cities and convolutions of the brain, dissatisfied with the merciless lack of criticism and indifference we face in many things. We have created a polarising fusion that stylishly and aesthetically combines regional costume and pre-alpine history with subculture and classic tattoo art. Different cultures that couldn’t be more dissimilar shake hands and merge.

Our lederhosen models are a homage to the real rebels, the rebels and poachers of our region, such as Mathias Kneißl, Matthäus Klostermair and Michael Heigl. Our goal is to break through boundaries, to develop free spirit, to let grey areas disappear, to make clear statements, to trigger enthusiasm and, above all, to have fun.