Boandlkaspar (sämisch goat)

Nappato Stein

To life…
Some have simply forgotten it; instead,they obsess about being better, faster, becoming more optimised every day, as if this actually interests someone with a brain and mind. In the end, you just end up with nothing, and truth is you need a gentle slap, need to wake up and realize that you have shamefully slept through most of your existence.
Whatever is there to try and discover, you have to be totally on fire without knowing how things will work out.
That’s how it should be, dancing without a net isn’t for everybody, always moving forward with no guarantee… a little wiser as long as I stop Death, drink with him and cheat him – maybe I can get another ten years out of it.
In the end, we all turn to dust and then find out that Death is an idiot.
Your Boandlkaspar

Leather: 100% wild buck
Piping: 100% chamois deer
Bundle leather and straps: 100% cowhide leather lining
Inner lining: 100% cotton

Includes matching belt with logo buckle in the same quality of leather as the lederhosen.