Persona Non Grata

speckig Eiche

My neurites are in turmoil,
courageous Cerberuses at the limit of my consciousness constantly report the incursion of orchestrated hordes of pincer-like low-flying antagonists,
A directed bile mass of briskly lived dullness challenges the protective palisades of my model of life and tests them for steadfastness.
Ennobled in persona to become the fleshly projection surface of their feverish indignation
Dashing and courageous, the bridge of social connections changes its opening hours and cognitive gamma globulin is placed behind the embrasures.
It’s a shift in the shaft and, a little snotty, I take a seat on one of the boulders in the middle of my life flow,
Undeterred and long-suffering, like a hunter standing high, I eliminate the sense of time,
The waiting and understanding, the journey into inner exile is worth it in view of the fact that the adversary will hopefully soon pass by, calming the waves like Neptune, gently with his face downwards.

Leather: 100% wild buck
Piping: 100% chamois deer
Bundle leather and straps: 100% cowhide leather lining
Inner lining: 100% cotton
Includes matching belt with logo buckle in the same quality of leather as the lederhosen.