Hundsgefickte Schellensau

Speckig Tabak

I’ll defiantly sit here
and gamble, roll the dice.
The world, everyday life and worries,
they interest us only tomorrow, if at all.
A sociable time with thirty-two beers,
what do you actually want from me?
Acorn, green grass and bells,
these are my friends now, lighting up my heart.
What lies, lies, that’s how it should always be,
hand on your heart, in play as in life and without pretence.
Sure, maybe you’re looking at all this very egocentrically,
the fifth man always belongs under the table.
The sow is oblivious in triumph, then it sounds divinely unfashionable,
fucked up!

Leather: 100% wild buck
Piping: 100% chamois deer
Bundle leather and straps: 100% cowhide leather lining
Inner lining: 100% cotton

Includes matching belt with logo buckle in the same quality of leather as the lederhosen.