King Watzmann

Nappato Stein

Rocky rugged, steep down the mountain armed with the deepest meanness,
the lethal breath united in the roar of the horns, the barking of the males and the screaming of the forest
shows you its destructive honor in the furthest corners of your heart chambers.
The peaceful corridors, the haunted souls, lost towering is every seed in the morass of this family fury.
The authorities only wrinkled their noses contemptuously, since this customary right had long since become an iron rule.
But in the abysmal darkness of the coming twilight, the day of all days is released,
In the sign of life clothed in the spirit of punishment, justice and curse.
He now stands frozen, in the center of beauty and peace, a peacefully mute giant, crouched to the marrow like his damned brood.
Bad deeds are followed by bad wages.

Leather: 100% wild buck
Piping: 100% chamois deer
Bundle leather and straps: 100% cowhide leather lining
Inner lining: 100% cotton

Includes matching belt with logo buckle in the same quality of leather as the lederhosen.