Sunday pants

Nappato Stein

Michael Heigl was born in 1816 in desperately poor circumstances in the Bavarian Forest. Obsessed with the irrepressible urge for freedom, he chose to live a life free from society. After capture, King Max II commuted the death penalty to life imprisonment. Heigl died at the hands of a fellow prisoner in 1857. “Heigl laughed his head off because he was very lucky. 
In Au prison, they killed him. Michel Heigl was a crook, but he wasn’t an evil man.”

Leather: 100% wild buck
Piping: 100% chamois deer
Bundle leather and straps: 100% cowhide leather lining
Inner lining: 100% cotton

Includes matching belt with logo buckle in the same quality of leather as the lederhosen.